How to make yuzu-cha (Yuzu tea)


Update: I have found an even better yuzu tea recipe and have posted it here.

Yuzu may be my favorite part about winter in Japan.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with yuzu, it is a citrus fruit found in east Asia.  I’m not sure how to describe the flavor but it is delicious.  The pith is super bitter though. Somehow sugar makes the bitterness go away. My mother in law often slices yuzu thinly, sprinkles sugar over the slices and lets it sit for ten minutes.  No bitterness whatsoever.

Rock Sugar

Yuzu tea is great on a cold day. You just mix it with hot water.  It’s only the start of November but I thought I’d start early.  There are apparently two ways to make it, one like jam and the other in the fridge.  I made the fridge version last year and decided to keep with that one.  I made a half batch but am posting the original proportions



Original recipe here in Japanese

6 yuzus

500g rock sugar (氷砂糖)

Sterilize a large jam jar with boiling water.  Cut the yuzus in half and then slice thinly.  Remove all seeds. Layer a third of the yuzu slices and the sugar and repeat until everything has been added.  Put in the fridge and wait for about two weeks.  It should look like jam by that time.  If it doesn’t look like jam, wait a couple days longer.

IMG_0576This is what it looks like after an hour or two.  More pics to come when it is ready.

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