Sweet Vinegary Red Kabu Pickles

Updated the pics.  This is the artistic shot.  I don’t know what happened buy my flash made the pickles look funky.  They are actually bright pink.  A proper picture is below.The finished productIngredients

Red kabu make the most beautiful pink pickles.  Last year I bought them for the first time on a whim and after a quick search on cookpad.com (a Japanese recipe site), decided on pickles.  These take a while to make so make sure you start the night before.  I started today and will update the post tomorrow.  Btw, I used brown sugar in the picture because I have run out of white sugar.  Usually you use white sugar.

Peeled Red Kabu

Sweet Vinegary Red Kabu Pickles (赤かぶの甘酢漬け)

Posted on http://www.cookpad.com

3 red kabus

2 teaspoons salt

300mL vinegar

1/2 cup sugar

1/2 teaspoon salt

Day One
Peel off the very outer part of the skin but leave most of the pink on.  Cut the kabu into easy-to-eat pieces (I cut them in half and then slice them).  Put the kabu pieces in a ziploc bag with 2 teaspoons of salt.  Shake and leave overnight.

Day Two
Squeeze out the excess water.  Mix the rest of the ingredients in a sauce pan and heat until the sugar is dissolved.  Pour over the kabu and let sit until desired flavor.

I will post the results when they have sat overnight.

See, not yellow

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