Ginger tea (生姜の茶)

Ginger TeaLast winter I randomly picked up a package of a powdered hot ginger drink mix for the hubby, who happens to love ginger.  I’m not too fond of ginger but I thought it would taste well mixed with yuzu tea.  He became addicted to it and I started to wonder what kind of interesting chemicals were in the powder.  Fresh off my yuzu tea success, I decided to try making hot ginger drink mix – called ginger tea on Japanese cooking websites.  The original powder was called 生姜温 – the first two characters are those for ginger and the last one is hot water.  I tried searching for a recipe using that combo and couldn’t find what I wanted.  I tried search for 生姜の茶 (ginger tea) and hit the jackpot.  This recipe was posted on Cookpad, a popular Japanese recipe website, in Japanese.  Disclaimer: I cannot guarantee that the instructions I write in English are exactly what is written in Japanese.  My Japanese is good enough to get the gist and that worked.  I don’t usually measure the ingredients with a scale but just put the sugar and ginger in two identical bowls and guestimate.  I did make it with mother-in-law last year and had to measure everything (even though she is never exact when cooking).  It was a hit with the parents-in-law.

Ginger teaPlease note that I used brown sugar instead of white sugar and thus is much darker than usual.  The husband didn’t seem to notice a difference in taste.  Last year I used white sugar and honey and the color was lighter.

Ginger Tea

Posted on by キングスライム (king slime? king’s lime?)

150g ginger – grated, sliced or chopped fine (the picture is chopped fine in a food processor)

150g sugar

50-100g honey (i usually skip this and add more sugar)

1 tablespoon lemon juice (I used fresh and sometimes use yuzu instead)

Put all ingredients in a sauce pan and bring to a boil on low and make sure all of the sugar has turned to syrup.  Turn off the heat and place in sterilized jars.  Store in the fridge.  Add about one tablespoon to a mug of hot water to make ginger tea.  It also tastes good in black tea and hojicha.

Note: if you grate your ginger it will be quite a bit spicier than if you slice it.  You may want to add more sugar to compensate.

This will warm you up quickly.

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