Quick Dip: Avocado and Tofu Ranch Dip

I have become a veggies and dip fiend.  I really have no problem with this as I have never made dip with mayo (for myself anyway) and have only made dip with sour cream once in the seven years I’ve lived in Japan.  My solution: tofu.  I tried out soft tofu as a dip base a couple years ago when I suddenly remembered that dip for veggies exists.  It’s interesting that when you live in a foreign country with a food culture drastically different from your own, you often forget about everyday foods back home.  I went about four or five years without having dip for veggies.  Now I am a fiend.  It must be the combination of the periodically warm weather and living near the beach.  You can’t have a beach picnic without veggies and dip.  Generally I just mix onion consomme powder (aka french onion soup mix back home) or ranch dressing mix with soft tofu.  I added something else today – avocado.  It was a good idea.  You can also use this as chip dip.

Avocado and Tofu Ranch Dip

1/2 an  avocado, cubed
1/2 an envelope of ranch dip mix (approx. 1tbsp)
1/2 block of soft tofu (the softer, the better)
1 splash of water (depends on how thick you like your dip)

If you want a smooth dip you need to use a food processor or blender.  I used my immersion blender for this.  If you don’t mind a less smooth dip, use a whisk.

Wash the tofu and make a note of the expiry date, this is your dip expiry date.  Add the avocado, tofu and water (if you want it) to your mixing device.  Or put them in a bowl for manual mixing or an immersion blender.  Mix until smooth.  You can mix in the ranch dip mix with your machine or use the spatula you will use to clean out the machine to mix the dip mix.  You are now finished.  Put in serving dish of choice.

Note: As it is a tofu base the dip will separate a little when refrigerated.  Just stir it up before you serve it next.

Alternate option: Use a sleeve of onion consomme powder instead of ranch dip mix.  In Japan, onion consomme powder is sold in the cup-of-soup section and is often on the bottom shelf.  Any onion soup mix should suffice.

2 thoughts on “Quick Dip: Avocado and Tofu Ranch Dip

  1. Thanks for this idea! I love making dips but am trying to use less and less sour cream or mayo. I’m not a big fan of tofu, mainly because I’m not familiar with how to use it~~~but I will try this one out! Nice blog btw!

    • Thanks Kelsey!
      I tend to try replacing sour cream or mayo with tofu or yogurt in every dip recipe where the sour cream/mayo isn’t a main flavor. If you add a few more spices you can mask the tofu taste.

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