Two more dips

My obsession with dip is still in full swing.  At least it is all healthy.  I made two dips this morning.  The first dip, Edamame and Tofu Dip, I had at the house of the lovely Keitai Goddess who got the recipe from Cerebral Soup.  The dip is really healthy and packed full of protein.  I won’t put the recipe here because I didn’t make any changes.  Head on over here to get it.

The next dip I made was Black Bean Guacamole.  I happened to have bought a can of black beans the day before with no specific purpose in mind.  It must have been fate.  I found it here on the Closet Cooking blog. This is going to taste great on the home made bread that is rising as I type.

I made two changes:

  • I used Italian parsley instead of cilantro because of availability – for those of you in Japan who have a hard time finding cilantro/coriander, mitsuba is a good substitute in some recipes where the cilantro is not the main flavor.  The taste isn’t all that similar but it is quite strong like cilantro.
  • I didn’t have a jalapeno pepper so I used a couple dashes of Tabasco sauce – I don’t use them enough to buy a jar but the dip would have tasted even better, I’m sure.

If you are looking for another good dip, I made Silky Soybean Dip/Spread at the end of last year.

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