Maitake and Chiken Gohan

Now that we have a tv (got it a couple of months ago) I am forced to watch – or at least listen to in the background – it almost the entire time my hubby is home.  The only benefit from it is that sometimes on those annoying shows where two celebrities, with nothing interesting to say, wander around a neighborhood and try restaurants and visit shops, uncover good recipe ideas.  A recent episode of one of those shows was actually filmed in my FIL’s hometown and featured some yummy looking rice.  At the restaurant the rice was cooked on the stove in individual sized traditional rice cookers.  It had chicken, maitake mushrooms and some sort of golden brown broth.  I tried to copy the process as best I could and was pleased at the results.  At first I couldn’t decide whether to use dashi (fish stock) or mentsuyu (noodle dipping sauce/soup).  I decided to try it with mentsuyu.  I also made it in the rice cooker because I don’t have a traditional rice cooker.

Maitake and Chicken Gohan

2 cups uncooked rice (one cup of rice in Japan is 180mL)
1 package
maitake mushrooms, diced
50 grams of chicken (I used breast meat but thigh meat would probably have more flavor)
mentsuyu (it comes in concentrated form)

Put the rice in the rice cooker and wash the rice.  Add the mentsuyu and fill up with water to just below the two cup line and stir quickly.  Don’t go all the way up to the line as the mushrooms will sweat a bit during the cooking process.  Put the chicken and mushrooms on top and start the rice cooker. You can stir everything or let the meat and mushrooms sit on top.  Serve when ready.

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