Chili Shrimp Pizza

I decided to play with photo editing software and make this one look arty.  That’s why it is kind of fuzzy.  My husband is convinced that the source of his fatigue is one particular nutrient missing from his diet.  It couldn’t possibly his erratic sleeping schedule or the fact he doesn’t really drink water ;-).  His health has improved leaps and bounds since we got together and he stopped eating convenience store food all the time.  At the gym he was given a sample of some sort of supplement that is supposed to reduce fatigue.  I mentioned that it might be a good idea to get the active ingredient from a natural source.  Apparently whatever it is, there is a lot in shrimp and salmon.  He requested that we eat more fish – something I’m happy with because he originally requested to eat mostly meat.  That is the story of why there was shrimp on my pizza last night.

Ebi-Chili Pizza

pizza dough – a good, fast recipe here
sweet chili sauce
shrimp – precooked
baby leaf (or other greens for topping)
green onions

Preheat the oven to 220C.

Press the pizza dough down in the pan of your choice.  I usually use oven paper and cook the pizza directly on my oven plate.  Use the sweet chili sauce as pizza sauce.  Put cheese or shrimp and green onions down next depending on your preference.  I made personal sized pizzas so I only had to bake them for ten minutes.  My oven plate is the size of a small pizza and that size takes about fifteen minutes.  Cool for five to ten minutes before serving.  I cut the pizza before topping with baby leaf so that it would look pretty for the picture.

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