Two healthy appley snacks

A few days ago the supermarket had a special on apples.  One bag (that you fill yourself) for 500yen ($6?).  I managed to fit ten apples in the bag.  When I got home to try them I understood why they would be on sale in Japan – they were a bit tart with a nice, strong flavor.  Just like apples back home and very different from the bland, overly sweet apples preferred by the Japanese.  Anyway, I got to making some appley desserts.  They are almost sugar free (some sugar in the walnut butter) as I don’t really like sweet things at the moment.  If you like sweet things add a bit of sugar to the puree.

First up, baked apple topped with walnut butter.  I used this cinnamon walnut butter recipe and added some vanilla.

Baked Apple Topped with Walnut Butter

1 apple, cut into rounds and cored
walnut butter

Preheat the oven to 400F/200C.  Spread walnut butter on the apple rounds.  Place the rounds, walnut butter side up, on a baking sheet.  Bake for about 20min or until the apple is a desired consistency.

Apple and Sweet Potato Puree

1 sweet potato
1 apple
cinnamon to taste

Quarter, peel (optional) and slice the apple into thin slices.  Slice the sweet potato thinly.  Layer sweet potato, apple and cinnamon in a crock pot or soup pot.  Add water until half full.  Cover and simmer on low for a few hours.  Puree and serve.  This also tastes good unpureed.

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