Kinako Powder in Oatmeal? Yes.

My mom went off to the grocery in search of ground sesame seeds and returned with kinako powder, aka soy bean powder. There is only one ingredient in it. Nutrition stats for 100g: 437kcal, 35.5g protein, 23.4g fat, 31g carbohydrates. Not bad. Remember one gram of carbohydrates or protein equals four kcal and one gram of fat is nine kcal.

My mission now is to use this rather large bag up. First up: oatmeal.

Kabocha Kinako Oatmeal

Add the following to the pot:
vanilla extract
powdered ginger

Add the following to your bowl:
3 tablespoons mashed kabocha squash
a sweetener of your choice (I used blackstrap molasses)
2-3 tablespoons granola
1 heaping tablespoon kinako powder

Mix in the kinako powder before you dig in – it has a strong flavor.

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