How to Make Yuzu Tea II

My first yuzu tea post was the lazy method. It tastes good but I also wanted to try a more traditional method. This one looks prettier too. My husband really likes ginger tea in the winter and I like to add a touch of yuzu to his mug every now and then. I like straight up yuzu tea myself. I didn’t really use a recipe so I’ll give you guidelines instead.

Yuzu Tea (Cooked)

Go by weight here.

1 part yuzu (I used six small ones)
1 part sugar (I used white)

Cut the yuzus in half and juice them (this is an easy way to remove the copious amounts of seeds they have). Put the juice into the pot you will be using. Either thinly slice the rest of the yuzus or pulse it in a food processor. I like little bits of yuzu personally so I used the food processor method. Add the yuzu and sugar to the pot. Slowly bring to a boil and simmer until the yuzus change color and become clearer. While it is cooking sterilize your jars. Add the tea to the jars and cool.


8 thoughts on “How to Make Yuzu Tea II

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  2. Very nice recipe, fast.

    I have used it with all types of citrus. The method is excellent. I personally add and extra ounce of sugar for every 10 oz of fruit. I also add 1/2 tbs of corn syrup per 10 oz of fruit (to keep the mix from crystallizing) although that is not really necessary.

    I love the method, it works every time thanks again.


      • The red (Rio Red) grapefruit is very good (my flavorite), Florida oranges work well if they are not too sweet. Lemons are very good but I was disappointed with limes we get here in BC, Key limes where pretty good.

        I often use the mix to make slush deserts in my ice cream machine. Works really well 30% of the mix to 70% water and run through the machine. Seems like a lot of sugar but that is fairly typical, and no fat like ice cream.


  3. I’ve only been able to make a good marmalade/tea out of meyer lemons. I’ve attempted to make the tea out of grapefruit and orange, but it just turns out like peels in a liquid. It’s not nice and thick like it should be. I’m basically simmering the peels in juice, water, and sugar. The grapefruit and orange peels are a little too spicy, so I’ve also tried to boil/blanch them a few times before boiling them with the sugar. Do you have any suggestions?

    • I would suggest squeezing the fruit and saving the liquid. Next make as the recipe suggests, mix the peel/pulp/sugar in a pot but not over heat. Leave it for a few minutes (10 or so). Check the consistency, this will be close to the finish consistency at room temp if thick add juice if not add sugar (maybe a lot). To avoid the bitterness don’t boil for more than a minute. The sugar raises the boiling point and will cause the peel to burn in short order. good luck

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