Yakiniku Fried Rice


This is a result of thawing some marinated yakiniku pork and then remembering I had two day old rice to use up. Old rice is great in chahan (fried rice) and rice pudding. I was really impressed with this. I should note that I use very little oil when I make fried rice – I use a non-stick pan and a bit of water to prevent sticking.

Yakiniku Fried Rice

Serves two
2 cups cooked rice
200g shaved pork marinated in yakiniku sauce
1 handful strong tasting greens, chopped (I used mitsuba and celery leaves)
1-2 cm ginger, chopped finely
1 tablespoon yakiniku sauce
3 tablespoons water (if using day old rice)
A bit of cooking oil

In a frying pan fry the meat and ginger until the meat is just cooked. Add the greens and cook for a minute. Mix the yakiniku sauce and water (if using) in a bowl. Dump the rice on the meat mixture and drizzle the water/sauce mixture evenly over the rice. This helps break up the rice clumps. Stir everything together and break up the rice clumps. Once the rice is hot, serve.

Note: this would make amazing rice balls or filling for lettuce wraps.

2 thoughts on “Yakiniku Fried Rice

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