Meatball udon

I wasn’t sure what to make for dinner last night. The only thing I knew is that I wanted something leafy in it. I decided on meatball and veggie udon soup.  It really hit the spot. I made the meatballs quickly but forgot the miso. I love putting miso in meatballs that go in soup because the flavor adds something extra to the soup. The meatballs weren’t bad but they could have been better. The rest was perfect.

In the soup:
fish stock

Chinese cabbage
udon noodles

In the meatballs:
ground pork/beef mix
grated ginger
cooking sake
soy sauce
panko (bread or cracker crubs would work just as well)
grated carrot

 I dropped the uncooked meatballs into gently boiling fish stock and kept at a gentle roll until they were cooked, skimming off the foam once in a while. Then I added the carrot and Chinese cabbage stalks. when they were almost done I added the noodles and Chinese cabbage leaves. Yum.

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