Knackebrod – Scandinavian Flat Bread

knackebrod-flat-breadOne of the things I like to get from Ikea is Knackebrod. It’s basically a large rye cracker and is fantastic with almost anything you can think of on top. One day I decided to try making it myself. Summer is coming and it would be good to have it in the arsenal. I searched on pinterest and selected this recipe. It is a modern recipe with sesame seeds added. It was absolutely delicious. They are rather hard so if you have small people in the house they may not enjoy them. My son found them too hard so I had to eat the whole batch myself (not complaining).  


  • I used all sesame seeds as I didn’t have sunflower seeds
  • I skipped the caraway seeds as I didn’t have any

Head over to Bread and Companatico for the recipe. She has a gluten free version in the post that I am thinking of trying.

Where to get some of the ingredients in Japan

Rye flour (ライ麦粉 らいむぎこ raimugiko) – mid range to upscale supermarkets supermarkets often have small bags of rye flour in the baking section. You can also get it at health food stores and import stores. Here are the Amazon search results for rye flour.

Caraway seeds (キャラウェイシード kyaraueishiido) – upscale department stores often have massive spice sections and you may find them there. You can also get them on Amazon.

Sunflower seeds (ひまわりの種 ひまわりのたね himawarinotane) – Sometimes you can find them in the nut sections of supermarkets but not that often. I find it is rather hit an miss in smaller import stores. Here is an Amazon link. Pumpkin seeds, which are easy to find, would make a good substitute.

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