Gluten Free Feast (Workshop)


I had originally scheduled this for Mother’s Day (unbeknownst to me) and was wondering why so few people were signing up. I have had several people ask for something like this. Now I know that Mother’s Day is not the best day for a cooking workshop. So now we have a new date.

In this class we will make a full meal, including dessert. Cupcakes, in fact. All ingredients we use will be available in Japan and most of them will be available in your local supermarket.

Date: Sunday, May 25th
Time: 4-7pm
Cost: 2500 yen per person (does not include drinks but Serendipity has fantastic drinks)
Place: Serendipity Cafe, Chigasaki
RSVP: via facebook or in the form below

Important Note: The cafe itself is not gluten free and uses wheat flour regularly. This means that the possibility of cross contamination is high. If you have a severe gluten allergy I recommend you do not attend. I am available to do workshops like this in your gluten free home for your and your friends.


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