Rice Cooker Love

As you can imagine, now that I’m working on a rice cooker cookbook, I have been making a lot of food in the rice cooker. I love how easy it is. With summer in full force, I don’t seem to have the usual cooking energy and five minutes of active prep works for me.

I’ve been having a harder time with cakes because I have a three cupper and cakes need a wider area like a five cupper. What a great excuse for a new rice cooker.

Here is what I’ve been working on.

Pineapple Curry Chicken

Roast beef

Daikon and chicken in a gochujang sauce

Sausage and cabbage rice cooker lentils

Sausage and Cabbage Rice Cooker Lentils

seI’ve got another rice cooker lentil recipe for you. My last recipes, Thymely Rice Cooker Lentils and Spicy Rice Cooker Lentils, have become quite popular and I think more needs to follow.  The instructions are very complex so follow them carefully.

Sausage and Cabbage Rice Cooker Lentils

2/3 cup brown lentils
1 chicken bullion cube
1 cup purple cabbage, chopped finely
15cm celery, chopped roughly
1 sausage, sliced
salt and pepper, to taste

Wash the lentils and put them in the rice cooker. Fill up the water to the one cup level. Add everything else and push start. When it is done, season with salt and pepper, if required and serve hot.

Yakiniku Fried Rice


This is a result of thawing some marinated yakiniku pork and then remembering I had two day old rice to use up. Old rice is great in chahan (fried rice) and rice pudding. I was really impressed with this. I should note that I use very little oil when I make fried rice – I use a non-stick pan and a bit of water to prevent sticking.

Yakiniku Fried Rice

Serves two
2 cups cooked rice
200g shaved pork marinated in yakiniku sauce
1 handful strong tasting greens, chopped (I used mitsuba and celery leaves)
1-2 cm ginger, chopped finely
1 tablespoon yakiniku sauce
3 tablespoons water (if using day old rice)
A bit of cooking oil

In a frying pan fry the meat and ginger until the meat is just cooked. Add the greens and cook for a minute. Mix the yakiniku sauce and water (if using) in a bowl. Dump the rice on the meat mixture and drizzle the water/sauce mixture evenly over the rice. This helps break up the rice clumps. Stir everything together and break up the rice clumps. Once the rice is hot, serve.

Note: this would make amazing rice balls or filling for lettuce wraps.

The Return of Mitsuba


I decided to have a light dinner last night. I also remembered about mitsuba, a veggie I hadn’t bought in a year or two. I love it in miso soup. I found, what I thought was, a new type of potato – the oyaimo (親芋). It looks like it is actually a large satoimo that smaller potatoes grow around like children. Hence the name, which means parent potato.

On the menu
Boiled kabu (turnips) and greens dipped in yuzu kosho mentsuyu, miso soup with mitsuba and oyaimo, edamame tofu and rice topped with garlic sesame seeds.