Baked Persimmon


I read about baking bananas, skin still on, on a cooking blog and decided to do the same with a persimmon. Just like apples, right? I did some baking multitasking. I prepped some sweet potato fries and decided to throw a persimmon in the middle of the pan. See the picture below. It was good. I baked everything at 180 celcius for forty minutes. It was lovely. I’m not really an ice cream or whipped cream person but if I was I would have added one of them. I just baked it whole and ate it warm. I cut the top off and thought I would just scoop the insides out but the skin is too soft for that. Save yourself the time and peel it before you eat it.


If you can’t find rice don’t forget barley

Hi all,

My supermarket ran out of rice two days ago but last night the barley shelf was full. Japanese only use barley as an add in for rice so it is not on everyone’s list of staple foods. There are three kinds at my supermarket: komekomugi (cracked barley that looks like rice – above), oshimugi (rolled barley), and vitabare (cracked, rolled and fortified with vitamin B – above). Use a 2:1 water:barley ratio and cook it in the rice cooker or on the stove. The vitabare cookes the fastest on the stove.

大麦 (おおむぎ oomugi) Barley
押し麦/押麦 (おしむぎ oshimugi) Rolled barley
米粉麦 (こめこむぎ komekomugi?) Cracked barley (the English translation is my guess)

Barley is located in the rice section, usually on the top shelf. Here 800g is 300-400 yen.