New Allergy Friendly Recipe Series


I’m back! I’ve been away for a little bit as you have probably noticed. I just finished up a job that icluded a lot of writing and I was burnt out. The thought of writing anything else made me cringe so I stopped writing posts. I didn’t make anything blogworthy anyway… August was a month of fairly boring food, aside from the recipes I created for the rice cooker cookbook. I finished my job at the end of August and made myself take a week off of content creation. I’m back and really excited to create new recipes and some interesting content as well.

This brings me to an announcement of a project that I have been thinking about for a while. I often get asked for help finding allergen-free products and I have decided to create some Japan-friendly recipes for those with allergies. And I need your input for that.

Please leave comments below telling me:

  • What food allergies you have
  • What kind of allergen-free recipes you would like to see
  • What ingredients you are having a hard time finding in Japan

I’ll be posting allergen-free recipes from October every two weeks until the end of December.