Banana Ice Cream for Breakfast

Please forgive the fuzzy picture.  I was too excited to try this to find my camera.  We had cold baked oatmeal topped with a bit of yogurt, flax seeds, banana soft serve and yesterday’s toasted quinoa.

I found this banana soft serve recipe last week and have been wanting to try it but lacked bananas.  Yesterday there were ripe bananas on sale at the grocery store and a light went off in my head.  I decided to serve it for breakfast.  I peeled and chopped the bananas and popped them in the freezer.  On a side note, the hubby used to like to much on frozen bananas and grapes.  Good healthy husband snack.  I’ve written down the recipe in my own words below.

Banana Soft Serve


frozen bananas

Put the bananas in a food process and process for about five minutes.  You will need to scrape down the sides once in a while.  After a while the bananas will become creamy just like soft serve.  Serve immediately.