Bus cake 3

The bus birthday cake adventure

My son turns two this week and we had the first of two parties this weekend past. I decided to do a bus cake so I tested out the buttercream and cake recipes for my birthday a couple of weeks ago. Everything tasted good and since it was a city bus and completely square I didn’t have to worry about entering the lovely world of carving round edges. I used this cake recipe and this buttercream recipe. I halved the sugar for the cake and after living in Japan for so long, I could reduce it further. I have a sweet tooth but North American sweetness levels can be over the top. If I had a stand mixer I think I would make a merengue buttercream instead of a basic buttercream since the sweetness can be reduced.

I found this excellent buttercream decorating tips page via pinterest.

The gear

  • two small loaf pans bought at the 100 yen store (similar to a dollar store)
  • a cake decorating set from the 100 yen shop
  • cardboard and tin foil for the base
  • a jar of hot water

I started with the picture from my son’s book.

bus cake picture

Next I did a crumb coat chilled it in the fridge for a couple of hours and then started decorating. I found that when room temperature is in the upper twenties, chilling the cake does nothing as the icing softens almost instantly.

Bus cake 1

I decided to start at the bottom and work my way up. Until I got this.

Bus cake 3

Not bad for my first decorating job. I have to say that with the small size of this cake it was a bit of a challenge. My perfectionist brain was not impressed that it was too small for me to smooth out the icing properly.

Overall it was a fun experience. I will do a theme cake for the kiddo every year methinks.