August 2011 Blog Matsuri Post: Summer Noodle Lovin’

This is my first Japan Blog Matsuri post.  I have wanted to participate for a long time.  Super Happy Awesome is hosting and you can check out other Matsuri posts in the comments section here. The topic is Summer Lovin’ and this summer I’m lovin’ noodles. Regular readers will know that I have posted several noodle recipes over the last couple of months. That’s because cold noodles are some of my favorite things about summer.  Here are a few things I have made this summer. Click on the picture to go to the post with recipes/ingredient lists.

Yakisoba (not hot but a classic summer bbq menu item)


Hiyashi Chuuka

Hiyamugi – my current favorite summer noodle

Hiyamugi are less well known than soumen.  They are a bit thicker and seem to be easy to find in stores.


Salada Hiyashi Chuuka


This last weekend my mother-in-law put green salad on top of cold udon noodles and called it salada udon. Today I did the same with hiyashi chuuka.

On top: lettuce cut into ribbons (for ease of eating), cherry tomato quarters, green pepper slivers, soy sauce flavored sesame seeds and ground flax seeds. The dressing was the sauce included with the noodles.

*I recommend cutting everything to a size that is easy to eat when clumped together with noodles. I.e. ribbons, slivers and match sticks.