Two new chocolate drinks

Last week on twitter reports of chocolate beer circulated in Japanese but I didn’t hear anything in English.  I was hoping for more info.  I hate beer and probably wouldn’t drink it but it might be a good joke present for the hubby. I was hoping to find it and luckily I did.  Won’t be able to review it but I will post the hubby’s review.

The second drink I found was Chocolate Sparkling – a type of soda pop I presume.  I will try it once it has chilled but I wanted post it right away because it is so intriguing.  I found it at my local supermarket for 99yen.

Pepsi Azuki Review

Pepsi AzukiI stopped by the supermarket on the way home and saw something new.  Pepsi Azuki.  If you are unsure of what azuki is check out wikipedia’s description here.   Beans, yes, beans.  I had to try it of course and will probably send a bottle home for my sister to sample.

I poured some in a mini wine glass that I assume was meant for wine tastings and it looked beautiful.

Pepsi Azuki

I was slightly disappointed that it didn’t taste like azuki until I remembered that I don’t want to drink pepsi that actually tastes like beans.  It tastes a lot like pepsi but with a wee bit of an flavor (sweet bean paste often made with azuki beans) which is much better because at least it is sweet. I remember pepsi shiso and it actually tasted like shiso (perilla).

Overall I would say that it is not beany enough to be gross and it is worth trying.  make sure you drink it from a pretty glass and take advantage of the color.