Tofu topped with roasted garlic and soy sauce

The title says it all.  This is a super easy, super delicious and super simple side dish or snack.  Only three ingredients.  I tried it out on a whim a couple years ago and it is now a staple tofu side dish.

The picture was taken on my iPhone as my camera is broken at the moment.

Tasty and simple

Tasty and simple

Tofu topped with roasted garlic and soy sauce

2tbsp soy sauce per serving

1 clove roasted garlic per serving

1/2 block of tofu per serving


Mash up the garlic clove and mix with soy sauce.  Let sit for five to ten minutes.  Rinse the tofu off and place in a serving bowl.  If you really want to do it properly, the tofu should sit for 1/2hr  to let some of the water drain out.  I usually skip that.  Pour the garlic and soy mixture over the tofu and enjoy.