First Yakisoba of August


July and August are BBQ months here in Japan and yakisoba is often the last dish made before packing up. That’s right, for those of you outside Japan, they make a fried noodle dish on the barbecue on a cookie sheet. I won’t be attending any BBQs this year because it is too hot for le akachan. That doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy some yakisoba at home.

In the mix: a homemade tofu burger, carrot, cabbage and green pepper.

Instant Yakisoba Challenge

On Sunday there was a show on TV called “Onegai Ranking” that caught my husband’s attention.  The ranking of the week was things you could add to instant yakisoba to jazz it up.  We caught the last five and hubby wanted to try the top two.  Did I mention that it was a top twenty list?  A bit much for something that isn’t really food to begin with, in my opinion.

Here are the top two in order:

  1. Instant yakisoba mixed with corn cream soup
  2. Instant yakisoba mixed with yuzu kosho

The ingredients: instant corn cream soup (left), instant yakisoba (middle) and yuzu kosho (right)

Naked Yakisoba:

Yakisoba with yuzu kosho:

Yakisoba with corn cream soup:

The verdict:

I preferred the yuzu kosho version.  I really don’t eat instant noodles more than once a quarter so now I am good until summer.  Hubby liked the yuzu kosho but loved the corn cream soup.  I think he will be repeating that one.  Gross!