German Red Cabbage

I spotted a red cabbage at the local farmers market (Japanese webpage only) and decided to make something for my friend’s boxing day party.  After looking online I came across this recipe posted by Ardis Stauffer on  It was absolutely fabulous!  I haven’t had this for a long time.  There are a lot of people of Germanic descent where I grew up and sweet and sour is a familiar flavor.  For the full recipe, follow this link.

Changes I made:

  • used one small Japan-sized red cabbage – the size of two fists
  • used have wine vinegar and half white vinegar
  • used only one apple as my cabbage was small
  • skipped the allspice because I didn’t have it

I didn’t have a cheese cloth so I used one of those fillable  teabags they sell here in Japan.

One thought on “German Red Cabbage

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